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Terms and Conditions

(1) A reservation will be deemed as active once a completed booking form has been received by South Hams Small Pet Holidays via either email or post.

(2) A hutch will be reserved for you for 72 hours from South Hams Small Pet Holidays emailing the booking form to you.  The booking form should be completed and returned to South Hams small Pet Holidays along with a deposit of 50% of the boarding fee within the 72 hours of you receiving the booking form from us. This will secure your hutch.

If your deposit is not received within 72 hours the reservation will be released and open to other potential bookings. South Hams Small Pet Holidays cannot be held responsible for the hutch being no longer available to you if your forms/deposit are not received. Deposits received after the stated date will be refunded if the hutch is no longer available. Deposits can be paid by bank transfer or cash (no cheques accepted).

(3) The balance of all booking fees must be settled either 72 hours prior to admission if paying by bank transfer or on arrival if paying by cash.

(4) We charge the daily rate for the arrival and departure days regardless of the time of day you arrive or depart.

(5) You must inform us by email or in writing if you no longer require the booking and you will be liable to the following cancellation charges :

  • Cancellations made 72 hours or less prior to date of booking will be liable for 100% of the boarding costs.

  • Cancellations made between 30 days and 72 hours prior to the date of the booking you will be liable to 50% of the boarding costs (ie your deposit).

  • Cancellations made more than 30 days prior to the date of the booking will incur a £10 administration fee.

If you fail to arrive on the date of the booking you will be liable for the days booked even though your pet was not in attendance.

If you cancel two separate bookings consecutively or fail to arrive for a booking, we have the right to no longer offer our services to you.

(6) You must inform us by email or in writing if you wish to reduce the number of days booked and you will be liable to the following charges :

  • Reduction in days booked when 72 hours or less notice is given prior to the date of the booking or whilst boarding, you will be liable for 100% of the boarding costs for the days no longer required.
  • Reduction in days booked when 30 days to 72 hours notice is given prior to the date of the booking, you will be liable for 50% of the boarding costs for the days no longer required.

 (7) If your pet is already boarding with us and you wish to collect your pet earlier than the date originally stated you are still liable for the full boarding costs. If you wish to extend their stay and we can accommodate your pet, an invoice covering the additional days will be sent to you and must be settled at your earliest convenience before collecting your pet (by bank transfer or cash).

 (8) If you cancel a booking or reduce days and incur our charges, we cannot off-set these charges onto another booking.

 (9) If for any reason , South Hams Small Pet Holidays has to cancel your booking, at least 72 hours notice will be given to you. If a deposit has been received from you this will be refunded.

(10) Arrivals and departures must be made by appointment only. Check in and out times are 9.00am to 11.00am and 4.00pm to 6.00pm (or 5.30pm to 7.00pm in the school holidays)..  If you are unable to make the time stated on your booking form or are running more than 15 minutes late or early, please keep us informed or it may not be possible for you to leave your pet with us. A new appointment time may need to be arranged or you may need to arrive/collect the following day.

 (11) If you do not collect your pet on the agreed day without prior arrangement then you will be charged for any extra days at the daily rate.

 (12) If you fail to collect within 7 days after the departure date and South Hams Small Pet Holidays is unable to contact you or your emergency contact, you give your consent for us to take what action we deem appropriate in respect of your pet.  By signing your booking form you agree to pay all costs incurred during this period.

(13) Whenever possible we aim to get all rabbits and guinea pigs outside in the paddock and on to grass if the weather allows for daily exercise and fresh air.  New arrivals are always placed on a new patch of grass, however please be aware that our paddock cannot be disinfected so there may always be a risk of picking up a condition/illness or infection.  By signing the booking form you accept this risk and South Hams Small Pet Holidays will not be responsible should your pet become ill or at worst pass away.  If you would rather your pet remained indoors, this needs to be stipulated on the booking form.  

(14) House bunnies are more than welcome to stay at South Hams Small Pet Holidays and you are more than welcome to inspect the boarding facilities before you book.  We will aim to provide house bunnies with the largest indoor cage available at your time of booking, but cages are allocated on a first come first served basis.  In the summer months when the weather is warm and dry we do aim to give house bunnies exercise and fresh air in the paddock in their own cage.  In the winter we regard the weather as being unsuitable for house bunnies to go outside, so they will remain indoors in the boarding facility.  If you are not happy with this arrangement it must be stipulated on the booking form by quoting "please do not put my house rabbit outside".  No house bunnies will be brought into our main residence unless under exceptional circumstances.  

 (15) If your pet needs to be separated from its companion due to fighting or illness, you will be liable for the boarding fee of the second hutch payable on return.

(16) All small animals must be up to date with their vaccinations before arriving at South Hams Small Pet Holidays.  We suggest you contact your vet to find out what vaccinations are required to keep your pet safe and well (for rabbits this will usually be Myxomatosis, RHD1 and RHD2).  Please bring your vaccination card with you upon arrival.  

 (17) If upon arrival your pet shows signs of disease, injury, parasites, illness, pregnancy or any other contagious condition South Hams Small Pet Holidays reserve the right to refuse to accept your pet and your full boarding fees would still apply.

 (18) Any existing medical conditions or previous illnesses must be discussed prior to the stay of your pet. If your pet does have any medical problems, illnesses or injuries please provide the details of their condition and any treatment required when filling out the booking form. We will not accept any pet that is showing signs of an undisclosed illness, disease or injury.

(19) Sometimes stress in small animals can be brought on by travelling in a vehicle, being put into an unfamiliar environment and with unfamiliar routines.   Although South Hams Small Pet Holidays does all it can to create a home from home environment, Such stress can sometimes cause small pets to become susceptible to illness which may require veterinary attention or even lead to sudden death.  Stress will often appear a few days after arrival or departure.  South Hams Small Pet Holidays accepts no responsibility should this occur and any veterinary treatment will be payable by you.  

(20)  South Hams Small Pet Holidays is not a veterinary practice and we do not know your animals as well as you do.  We are only able to look for obvious signs of illness for example not eating/drinking, lack of energy, not urinating/defecating and change in temperature. (Even some of these symptoms can be tricky to detect if there is more than one pet in the same hutch and some animals are known to hide signs of illness). Should symptoms persist we will contact you and you can decide whether your pet needs veterinary treatment.  See below. 

(21) If your pet does become ill whilst at South Hams Small Pet Holidays we will endeavour to contact you or your emergency contact.  If we are unable to contact you we will obtain veterinary treatment (from South Moor Vets in Kingsbridge) for your pet and proceed in their best interest. Any treatment required will be payable by you upon your return. By signing these terms and conditions you agree to pay any veterinary costs and medication your pet incurs plus a £15 fee to cover our time and transport costs in getting your pet to the vet. Invoices for veterinary treatment etc must be settled upon receipt of the invoice prior to collecting your pet.  Please note that South Moor Vets currently charges in the region of £100 for an out of hours call-out charge.

(22) Sadly, small animals can pass away with very little warning and very quickly.  If this does happen, we will contact you or your emergency contact immediately to discuss your wishes. We accept no liability in the unlikely event that this may happen and are unable to refund any remaining booking fees.  You will be liable for any veterinary fees incurred including cremation.

(23) All pet owners must accept that accident, injury, illness, death, theft, public liability and all other insurances for the pet owner and their animal whilst visiting and boarding with us are the responsibility of the pet owner and that South Hams Small Pet Holidays are released of any and all such liabilities.

(24) Whilst every attempt is made to keep your pet safe and secure from predators, all animals are boarded entirely at the owners risk and we cannot accept responsibility for any act of nature which results in the death or illness of your pet, or the loss of your pet should it decide to escape. Viewings of our facilities are welcomed before booking should you wish to do so. 

 (25) We recommend that all animals are treated for mites/fleas one week prior to boarding where applicable.

(26) Dried food is to be supplied by you due to varying dietary requirements and to avoid any upset to your pet. Please supply enough food to last the duration of the stay.

 Home grown hay is fed to all rabbits and guinea pigs staying with us.  If you would rather bring your own hay you are welcome to do so.

(27) We offer a pet boarding facility to hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, birds, chickens, fish, tortoises, rabbits and guinea pigs. At most times there are likely to be other small pets staying in the boarding facility and your pet may well be able to see fellow guests and be close to them. Your guinea pig or rabbit, although in its own cage, may well be housed next to another guinea pig or rabbit.  If this causes distress to either party we will endeavour to move one of the animals to an alternative cage if one is available. We do not take cats and dogs although we do have our own dog and cat who do not come into contact with staying guests. 

(28) We do not take responsibility for any items or client possessions left at South Hams Small Pet Holidays.  All items are left at the clients own risk.

(29)  South Hams Small Pet Holidays will not tolerate abusive behaviour. We have the right to refuse our services to any person we believe is acting in an abusive or negative manner.

(30)  Privacy Policy - when you book with SHSPH we request on the booking form your name, address and contact details so that we can get hold of you to discuss the booking or to discuss any problems/queries we may have whilst your pet is staying with us.  All booking forms whether in paper format or electronic will be destroyed once your pet has left us.  We do not hold any personal data about you beyond your pet's stay with us and we do not share or disclose the information you provide with any third parties. As we do not hold your personal information, you will need to complete a new booking form every time your pet comes to stay with SHSPH. 

Terms & Conditions Last Updated 25th April 2019