​​Tel : ​Anita Berryman 07545 650 868 or 01548 560429


tel:  Anita Berryman 07545 650868

or 01548 560 429

South Hams Small Pet Holidays will​ even look after

your hens.  We ​have a coup for up to 8 chickens

​with an adjustable run area to suit their needs.

The paddock

​Hutch for house bunnies or multiple guests approx. 4ft square

​We also have runs on hardstanding for long stays and wet days providing all weather exercise facilities.

​Toys and tunnels compliment both indoor and outdoor runs.

​Mable, one of our ever lasting

lawn mowers

​And for those that like small spaces ....

​The paddock

Indoor metal bunny hutch​

​We are happy to board all sorts of small pets, so

please do not hesitate to contact us if you

have any questions.

Indoor bunny hutches below are spacious (3ft square) and airy. 

​Indoor guinea pig hutches ....​

​Individual outdoor runs are located in our garden and paddock. For those animals used to grass, we aim to get your pet outside everyday to enable them to enjoy the fresh air and get their daily exercise.

Relaxing whilst on holiday .....

                          The Garden

The Paddock with Sea View

All hutches are thoroughly disinfected between change-overs using Defra recommended "Safe4".  ​

Chicken Coop for up to 8 hens.

​Here at South Hams Small Pet Holidays we aim to ensure that your pet has a great time on holiday with us in a loving, safe, family environment.

sleeping accommodation is situated in the insulated basement of our home where it is warm (heated in the winter), secure, clean and spacious. Hutches are large and come with everything which you would expect - hay feeders, dry bedding, snug area, fresh vegetables and water (we ask that you supply the dry food due to varying dietary requirements).  The hay we feed our guests is home grown on the farm, however should you wish to bring your own you are more than welcome to do so.

Indoor Wooden Guinea Pig Hutches

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Metal bunny hutch for house bunnies or multiple guests approx. 4ft square

​                      The garden ....